1. I would have never thought of splitting my content into there own niche blogs! When you niched down did you create redirects to each post on the new sites or completely remove them from your site?

    1. My site was fairly new so the top posts, I did temporarily redirect the links but for the others, I left them alone and just removed them from the current site.

  2. I have to say it is so brave of you to branch out into those three domains but well done, you’ve done a great job. I’ve loved being part of your Facebook group and I wish you luck with your blog too.

    1. Hahah I know it seems pretty crazy lol I was terrified but it worked. And so happy you are enjoying my Facebook group for bloggers ♥ best of luck to you as well!

  3. Go Lucy! I’m super proud of you and I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your growth. You are an inspiration. I have also seen success as a result of Cate’s Affiliate Marketing course…. I became an Etsy affiliate and let’s just say I’ve switched a lot of my Amazon links. Cheers to the 3rd quarter!!!

    1. Thank you so much Daynia! I’m happy I can be one for you and so glad that you also found Cate’s Affiliate Marketing Challenge beneficial. I’m sure you will have tons of affiliate sales rolling in soon 😉

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