1. Thanks for these great tips on making a bit of money with a blog. I’ve been really focused on getting content onto my blog and now am ready to branch out a bit. Many blogging tips are written in a techy way and can be difficult for a Newbie to make sense of. I appreciate your straight-forward ideas!

  2. Thanks for the detailed blog post! I a very new blogger and am still trying to understand, well everything haha. I am still working on getting traffic to my blog thelovelybrunette.com, If you can offer any tips I would greatly appreciate it!

  3. These are all great ideas. I’m looking into creating my own digital products at the moment, but still trying to decide on the ‘what exactly’. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes that’s actually the hardest part but once you’ve figured it out, you’ll be golden. My next post talks about an amazing resource that can help you figure it out so be on the lookout 😉

  4. Great post! I’m working hard on affiliate marketing along with SEO right now. I took adsense off because it made my blog look ugly so I’m waiting for Media Vine or another one once I get my page views up. This post has some awesome information. Thank you!

    1. If you’re pairing up affiliate marketing with SEO than you are headed in the right direction to making some money blogging for sure! And I did the same with AdSense, I didn’t like how they looked and slowed down my site as well. Great plan and best of luck!

  5. These are great tips on making some extra cash. I’m working on affiliate marketing, but the ad idea intrigued me. I will he investigating this idea for the future.

    1. Yes for sure! Ads are a great source of passive income so once the traffic is there, definitely look into adding some 🙂

  6. Great blog post. I am starting with affiliate marketing and also looking to sell my own digital products. I need passive income due to my chronic health conditions.

    1. Yes for passive income, affiliate marketing and creating your own products is definitely the way to go so you’re on the right track

    1. no problem, I hadn’t heard about this until a few months ago either. it blew my mind haha!

  7. I love these tips! I haven’t made any income off my blog yet, but I’m really working towards it! It’d be a dream to be able to blog full time!

    1. just keep at it, it’s definitely possible to make money from your blog and even your first few dollars is such an exciting feeling so just keep learning and growing!

      1. Great post Lucy! I’ve been blogging for months now and haven’t made a cent. It’s kinda discouraging but I’ll keep working at it. I’m thinking of purchasing an affiliate marketing course but they all really expensive.
        Anyway, thanks for the cool tips

  8. So many ways to earn from blogging! One day, I hope to make money from my own products. MediaVine/AdThrive would be nice too 🙂

    1. yes Mediavine is the ultimate goal as I hear their payouts are extremely well! best of luck! ♥

    1. Awesome tips! Never heard of blog flipping before, but if might be something I’d want to do in the future. I also manage more blogs, like you do, and it’s hard to keep up. X

  9. Great ideas for how to make money blogging. I’m doing ads and affiliates and have my first sponsored posts lined up as well. I think offering a service is the fastest money-maker but a product could be the most profitable if it sells well.

    1. wow congrats on having your sponsored posts lined up, you’re doing an amazing job! and yes, each person just needs to find which works best for them

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