1. Hi Lucy! This is a very inspiring and insightful read. I’ve been hard at work blogging myself but I’ve only managed to earn a few dollars so far. It’s all been very difficult and exhausting work, to be honest. But I’m not giving up. I’m in this for the long haul. I’m doubling, tripling my efforts now as I’m hustling towards a full-time income. So I’m out here doing a lot of reading and researching, hoping to learn a thing or two from people who have made it big in the blogging world, people like you. And this post has given me more than one or two insights. And a lot of motivation, too. Thank you so much.

  2. I just stumbled on this post and really enjoyed reading about your journey and in this format! Lot’s of great things to take note of. Congrats on your success, this is really awesome! I am 4 months into blogging and have ALOT to do still, but this is inspiring!

    1. Thank you! And you got it girl! Don’t give up. If something isn’t working, try something different. If you haven’t focused on Pinterest yet, I highly recommend you do so as it can be a huge game changer once you start getting the hang of it. Best of luck to you! ♥

  3. Wow! I’m getting good Pinterest traffic and trying to figure out how that can turn into blog traffic. People pin my stuff but don’t necessarily read my actual posts.

  4. Oh, I see now. I’m trying to figure out how to get sponsored posts. I get emails a lot about them but most of them seem spammy. And I’ve joined quite a few influencer networks but so far, haven’t gotten much traction from it. I think this is the way to go with making money blogging, though. You’re already writing a post so why not get paid for it?

    1. I usually send them email pitches. If there’s a company I think could have a mutual benefit, then I reach out to them via email. Companies liked on the affiliate marketing portals are usually a great place to start looking for partnerships as they are already familiar with bloggers due to their affiliate programs. Hope that helps ☺

  5. Wow. Congrats and well done. I’m pretty new to the blogging world as I only started my blog about 4weeks ago. I will follow your Pinterest strategy and see if I can creat more pins every day. Thanks for sharing this power blog post. You are definitely on the right path.

    1. Wow, congrats on getting started! Yes, for sure I highly recommend to focus on Pinterest. It’s where a lot of the online traffic is so once you get a good strategy, it can really bring readers back to your blog. Best of luck to you!

  6. Thanks for sharing! This is very helpful for new bloggers. Congrats on all you’ve achieved. It’s very inspiring seeing what you have done to help you start earning. I will definitely start using some of this to help me start earning. Congratulations on what you’ve achieved in the first 4 months❣️

  7. Thank you for sharing these tips! It’s so helpful as a relatively new blog to understand what has worked and hasn’t worked for others. If possible one tip that might be helpful is understanding the breakout of your income through sponsored content/affiliates/etc. (unless if I missed it). Thanks again!

  8. First of all, congratulations for earning money from Blogging and Pinterest strategy. I am sure there must be many who would love to read the secrets. I totally second you on posts that are relevant and contextual in the present day. It is about catching the curve and getting viral. Keep up the good work!

  9. Very impressive. I assume this is all from sponsored posts and affiliates? If so, you’ll have to share your secrets for how you’re doing so well with a new blog!

  10. That’s amazing, congratulations! I’m sorry to hear about your wedding. On the bright side, you have something exciting to look forward to!

  11. I am officially hooked on your blog! Excited to join your facebook group, and read all your posts to come! It’s rare for me to sign up for a newsletter, but your content is too good! – Seri

  12. Thanks for sharing this info! They are really helpful for me that l m new blogger. I started my food blog almost two months ego and the view still be low less than 100. I didn’t put any form of monetize yet and l well the traffic will increase l ll do. I signed up with my email. Keep in touch and congratulations for you first 4 months❣️

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