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  1. Thank you for sharing this helpful information! So far, I have been using Google for my keyword research, and using the “other things people searched” as additional keywords for my articles. This sounds a lot more efficient, especially seeing how commonly searched the terms are. Super helpful! I will be looking into this in the new year! (I have all my content already scheduled until then.) Thanks again!

    1. Wow that’s so awesome that you’re so ahead with your content! And glad you found this keyword research post helpful

  2. This is such a great and important post! I am a writer by trade and a website I was writing for used KeySearch. It was my favorite tool for creating articles. I will have to now invest in it for my own blog!

  3. This is fantastic! I use Keysearch but am new to it so I have been pretty lost. All the descriptive screen captures in this post are very helpful. I can tell you put a ton of time into making this!

  4. Thank you soo much – this is an amazing post. Since I’ve learnt to use keywords in my blog I have seen a dramatic change in the amount of traffic I get. This post is very informative and not a lot of posts are this informative as explain in-depth. I will defo be sharing this as I believe it will be helpful for a lot of new bloggers.

  5. Keysearch is amazing. And I am learning new things every day about all it has to offer. And thank you, Lucy, I just learned some more. I’m heading to do some keyword research now that I’ve been inspired.

  6. THANK YOU – this is so helpful! I recently launched my blog 3 weeks ago and I’m uncovering alllllll sorts of things I should be doing! Everyone talks about keyword searching but I haven’t found a helpful guide until now. Thank you for explaining everything!!! It will really come in handy. Pinning this for future reference!

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